Vivid Vibration Plate

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  • PUMP UP EVERY WORKOUT: Whatever your fitness routine, this vibrating platform gives it a boost through vertical vibrations. As you work out, linear, jumping movements activate and engage large muscle groups — especially in your legs — increasing muscle contractions and flexing ligaments to help you build strength and stamina faster. You’ll feel the effects from the very first session, and continued, regular use helps you break through plateaus and build muscle tone everywhere.
  • 20 SPEEDS + 3 PRESET PROGRAMS + TIMER: With the Vivid, you’re in full control of your workout. With so many options, discover what works with your workout routine and stick with it, or mix things up anytime.
  • FROM BEGINNER TO BEAST: As you build strength and stamina, the Vivid platform easily keeps up — simply increase your speed as you go. Begin with its soft .5mm amplitude mode, then head all the way up to an intense, 3mm. Plus, log in to our FREE workout library for step-by-step training sessions with our Guiding Angels, from beginner all the way through expert.
  • REPAIR INJURIES & RELIEVE PAIN: Enjoy all the benefits of a rehabilitative session from home. Amongst its many benefits, this lineal vibrating platform improves your circulation, calms the nervous system, builds bone density, and accelerates tissue repair. The result? True, lasting pain relief and a greater range of motion as you continue to improve.
  • A HOLIDAY GIFT TO LAST A LIFETIME: Searching for that perfect gift idea – a present your mom, dad, boyfriend, or girlfriend would truly use and enjoy? This Christmas or, give the gift of blissful relaxation and health for him or for her. Each time they’ll use their Vivid Vibration Plate, they’ll think of you. Best of all, each one of our platforms come with 100% MONEY BACK LIFETIME WARRANTY, so they’ll enjoy your gift for years to come.


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