The Allswell Luxe 12″ Medium-Firm Hybrid Twin XL Mattress

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Allswell’s original hybrid is packed with premium features, such as copper gel-infused memory foam, advanced cooling gel swirl foam, added edge support, a quilted top panel with signature “A” and hybrid foam and coil construction. A hybrid of memory foam and coils combine for a perfect sleep experience.

Hybrid Foam and Coil Technology

Enjoy the best of both worlds with high-performance memory foams and individually wrapped coils that are CertiPUR-US® certified. After many iterations, Allswell promises a medium-firm mattress that doesn’t have too much sink or too much firmness, for a feeling that’s just right.

Individually Wrapped Coils for a Supportive Sleep

The Allswell Hybrid Mattress helps you stay asleep all night long with individually wrapped coils that minimize motion transfer from your partner, with edge support on all four sides of the mattress.

Innovative Memory Foam Layers for Comfort and Support

The Allswell Luxe Medium-Firm Hybrid Mattress features three generous layers of memory foams, starting with a plush, quilted top panel with cooling SwirlFoam and woven with the signature Allswell “A”. The next layer is a 2″ layer of copper-infused memory foam that provides active relief for joint and muscle pain. The copper has antimicrobial properties and dispels excess body heat and wicks away moisture – it’s a natural wonder! The final layer is 1″ of high-density foam that provides even more support.

What kind of platform do I need to use with this mattress?

The Allswell Luxe Medium-Firm Hybrid Twin XL Mattress is compatible with a number of bases including box springs, flat platforms, adjustable frames and slated frames.

How is the mattress shipped to my house?

This vacuum-sealed, flat-packed mattress is shipped straight to your home in a box for easy transport. After you break the vacuum seal, the mattress will expand to its full size on its own.


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