Rumblex Pro Vibration Plate

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  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR WORKOUT: Whatever your routine, Rumblex Pro gives you a boost through Whole Body and Multidirectional vibrations. As you work out, these vibrations activate and engage muscles throughout your body, accelerating muscle contractions to help you build strength faster. You’ll feel the impact from the get-go, and consistent use helps you break through plateaus and build muscle tone throughout your body.
  • REPAIR INJURIES & ELIMINATE PAIN: Enjoy all the benefits of a rehabilitative session from home. This whole-body and multidirectional vibrating platform calms the nervous system, greatly improves bone density, and strengthens your core for greater balance. Its therapeutic vibrations improve blood circulation, protect your nerves and bones, repair old injuries, and loosen stiff joints, providing you with lasting pain relief and a greater range of motion as you continue to improve.
  • A COMPLETE 4D WORKOUT: The Rumblex Pro is the #1 platform for a complete 4D workout.What is 4D, you ask?Other vibrating platforms feature either oscillatory (up and down) movements, lateral movements (side-to-side), or a combination of both. These specific vibrations have been found to stimulate muscle growth and help develop core strength when used in conjunction with exercises.4D is a combination of these movements, plus pulsating movements to ease your nervous system and recovery.With speed settings from 1 to 60, get ready to experience an incredible workout that targets all your muscle groups. Whether you’re targeting your upper body, legs, abs, or back – there are countless exercises you can perform on the Rumblex Plus with ease.
  • FULLY LOADED: It’s more than just a platform – the Rumblex Pro is an entire workout system. Use the included workout bands, straps, and accessories to enjoy a whole body workout and work all your major muscle groups – biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, black, legs, glutes, and more!
  • COMPLETE WORKOUT LIBRARY:  Whether you want to cultivate upper body strength, tighten your abs, tone your legs, sculpt your glutes, or simply burn unwelcome fat, there are countless exercises for you. Simply login to Lifepro for a FREE workout library with step-by-step video training on exercises for every muscle in the body.
  • ARM DEVELOPMENT: There’s no arm workout quite like a 4D arm workout.  Whether you’re working your shoulders, triceps, or biceps,every vibration from the Rumble Pro engages your arm muscles as you work out. This provides soothing relief and makes it easier to both tone and strengthen your arms.
  • GREAT LEG DEVELOPMENT: When you’re working your legs, glutes, or quads, the vibrations of the Rumblex Pro engage each muscle in ways most programs simply cannot achieve. The pulsating vibrations make recovery a breeze. This ultimately translates to strong, well-toned legs, glutes, and quads.
  • ABS AND CORE ARE CRITICAL: We all want a rock-solid core and tight abs. It takes work, and the Rumblex Pro makes reaching this goal easier than ever. The key lies in the 4D vibrations of the Rumblex. Every time you do any ab exercises on the machine, its vibrations activate the muscle fibers in your core – providing an extra “kick” to your workout, a soothing recovery, and ultimately leading to the tighter abs you desire.
  • A SILENT POWER: If you are a fan of a quiet workout, you’re in luck. We’ve eliminated all alarms and beeps from the Rumblex Pro. The only sounds you’ll hear are the ones you make as you sweat – unless you choose to stream music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. 
  • EASY TO MOVE: Frictionless, locking gel wheels let you soundlessly slip your platform beneath your couch or in your closet when you’re done.
  • A HOLIDAY GIFT TO LAST A LIFETIME: Searching for that perfect gift idea – a present your mom, dad, boyfriend, or girlfriend would truly use and enjoy? This Christmas or, give the gift of blissful relaxation and health for him or for her. Each time they’ll use their Rumblex Pro Vibration Plate, they’ll think of you. Best of all, each one of our platforms come with 100% MONEY BACK LIFETIME WARRANTY, so they’ll enjoy your gift for years to come.


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