Dash No-Mess Waffle Maker (Assorted Colors)

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Perfectly warm, golden waffles can be yours every morning of the week with the Dash No-Mess Waffle Maker.

Four Crispy Golden Waffles in Each Batch

Enjoy perfect waffles every time with the Dash No-mess Waffle Maker. With four individual PFOA-free nonstick plates, you can make up to four crispy waffles with golden, delicious insides in each batch. Even heating elements in the waffle plates guarantee perfectly cooked and crispy waffles every time in the classic square shape with deep pockets to hold syrup, butter and your other favorite toppings.

Overflow Channel Protects Countertops from Spills

The overflow channel prevents batter from spilling out the sides onto your countertops. With no mess to clean up, there’s more time to enjoy waffles while they’re warm and fresh off the grill. Plus the Healthy TruGlide™ nonstick plates need little more than a quick wipe as waffles slide right out of the pan when they’re ready, golden and toasty.

Makes Delicious Waffle Creations

From savory to sweet, keto to paleo to vegan, flex your waffle-making knowledge and explore new recipes. Indulge in a batch of classic waffles, hash browns, savory waffles with cheese or sweet “dessert” waffles topped with ice cream – so many options!


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