Dash Deluxe 12-Egg Cooker (Assorted Colors)

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The Dash Deluxe 12-Egg Cooker offers a quick and easy to enjoy perfectly cooked eggs, omelettes and frittatas—exactly the way you like, and with minimal effort. In less time than it takes to boil a pot of water, this impressively efficient egg cooker can swiftly hard-boil up to 12 eggs at the same time. Feel like poached eggs instead? With the included poaching trays, you can poach up to 7 eggs at once.

How do I use this 12-egg cooker to make an omelette?

The poaching trays that come with this egg cooker can also be used to make individual omelettes. An omelette tray is included to make larger omelettes and frittatas. Simply layer in your favorite veggies, proteins and other ingredients. Cover it all with beaten egg to make tasty brunch for the whole family in minutes. Set it and forget it. The buzzer will alert you when the eggs are ready to eat.

What else can I do with an egg cooker?

Besides cooking your favorite egg dishes, this egg cooker functions as a wonderfully efficient steamer for vegetables, seafood, dumplings and more. It can also be used to warm tortillas for burritos and tacos.

What’s included with Dash Deluxe 12-Egg Cooker?

This Dash Deluxe 12-Egg Cooker comes with a measuring cup, an omelette tray, two poaching trays and two boiling trays.


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