Dash Chef Series Digital Sous Vide

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This innovative chef method of temperature and time control eliminate overcooking. By bringing the ingredients to the perfect cooking temperature and keeping it steady and consistent until food is cooked to the precise level of doneness. Pan-cooked steaks lose up to 40% of their volume as it dries out, but a steak cooked with the Sous Vide method holds its volume, moisture and retains its savory flavors. The easy-to-read sensor-touch control buttons and LED display create a seamless user experience, no matter your level of cooking knowledge.

The results? Perfectly cooked steaks with natural juices. Your own beef, chicken or vegetable broths cooked right in the water bath, no bags required. The ideal, unbroken soft poached egg. Creamy, uncurdled custards and sauces without the tedious stirring. There are so many savory and sweet possibilities that you can create a restaurant-quality meal every night of the week!


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