Beautyrest Silver Dearborn Queen Medium Pillow Top Mattress

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With the 900 Series Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® Technology, the Beautyrest Silver Dearborn Medium Pillow Top mattress provides flexible support precisely where needed and isolates motion between two sleepers. DualCool™ Plus technology is designed to keep your mattress fresh, cool and create a comfortable sleeping environment with a moisture wicking technology at the sleeping surface. Eliminate pressure points with the unique feeling, Dynamic Response™ Memory Foam that contours and conforms to your personal shape.

Dynamic Response Memory Foam Delivers Contouring Support

Beautyrest’s memory foam conforms to your unique shape, reducing pressure points and providing support where you need it most. The Dynamic Response Memory Foam is also ventilated to increase airflow for breathability and keep the optimal temperature while you’re resting.

Keep Your Mattress Fresh and Cool

In addition to the ventilated memory foam that promotes better airflow, the Beautyrest Silver Dearborn Mattress also features DualCool™ Plus technology. Designed to keep your mattress fresh for hours of quality sleep, the DualCool™ Plus creates a comfortable sleeping environment. Moisture-wicking fabric and an antimicrobial performance layer work to keep your mattress fresh and cool while moving heat and moisture away.

What is the difference between a pillow top and a plush mattress?

Plush and pillow top are similar in that they both have a soft outer fabric surface, but they are constructed differently. Plush mattresses have quilting underneath the surface fabric. Pillow top mattresses have a soft outer layer with additional cushioning and extra padding sewn onto the top of the mattress. Plush tends to lie somewhere between a firm and pillow top mattress, providing plenty of support with a soft cushion. Pillow top is ideal for those sleepers seeking a softer, more conforming mattress that molds to their body.

Can this mattress be flipped?

No, this mattress cannot be flipped due to the pillow top. However, as part of your regular mattress maintenance, it is recommended to rotate your mattress 180° every 1-2 months.


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